Give ‘Em a “Gimmee”

Sure, you sell services or products, but beyond that, what can you really sell? You have customers who come back to you for further of your product or service. Why do they return?

When I ask my coaching clients, I’ve received various responses mostly aimed at expertise, convenience, service, and price / value. Obviously, there is not one right answer, and a combination of these attributes but, let’s assume that a company is competitive over these areas, there’s one attribute that overrides every one of them. It’s an attitude the company is there to highly satisfy their customer. Giving them a “Gimmee” is definitely a effective, inexpensive, and impressive approach to show your own purpose of highly satisfying your prospects so they wouldn’t visualize possibly defecting of your stuff to a competitor.

You sell your expertise. You sell your understanding of that services or products. You sell what you can do to understand your prospects’ dependence on your product and the ways to help them reap the benefits of purchasing it.

So, if what you actually sell is the personal knowledge, how does one impress upon your prospects you have that expertise? Many companies successfully “Give’em a Gimmee.” They give prospects and clients a little bit of these expertise and specialized knowledge, free (as well as some advertising material or possibly a special promotion.)

A real estate agent gives clients a pamphlet about various financing strategies – free.
An agent offers a competitive analysis – free.
An investment adviser holds free retirement-planning workshops – free.
A painting contractor does a one-hour touch-up service about the five-year anniversary of the painting service – free.
An automotive garage does a brief safety check and washes your car or truck – free.
A family law attorney will review a will, five-years after writing it to determine if there are changes needed – free.
An industrial manufacturer gives basic semi-annual safety inspections – free.

Are these free actions actually free? Of course not. But the valuation on giving them is minimal when compared to cost of the product or service / service you can purchase, and it’s also thought of as part of these marketing effort.

Of course, the logic of giving away a modest amount of knowledge and expertise is the fact prospects are going to be impressed with the willingness to express, your accessibility, the additional value that were applied to their product and service, along with your professionalism

In a whole lot of “me too” where nearly every competitor looks alike, its keep is little or no differentiation, “Giving a Gimmee” illustrates your customer care attitude and produces a difference!


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